Method Touch and Feel

"See with the Heart!"

The technique of Touch and Feel is one innovative technique based on student-teacher contact in order to bring on stage dancing ballets. All regular so far were it not that the dancers have a peculiarity: they are blind. See with the heart is not just a phrase, but wants to be a real lifestyle; a particular life and suffered but full of surprises and discoveries.

Art is a very fickle science ranging in various fields and several directions; the Touch and Feel wants to give the possibility to express themselves in one of the noblest Arts: dance.

We are not talking about a particular discipline; Let's talk about dance in General, a dance between pairs of dancers both blind or blind-blind between couples. We begin by describing the technique in detail: the movements take place in pairs and mirror (as an example we can speak of Momix and the famous piece mirror with white and black costumes with ultraviolet lights that did seem the pair as a single person that wavering in the air), or even opposing movements between the pair. However, the key feature must be the constant contact between the dancers.

The technique of Touch and Feel is divided into three parts:
• The preparation of the piece, where the teacher transmits the movements of Ballet, putting themselves in the position you want to touch (touch) your body for students to hear them (feel) the gesture to play;

• During the tests must be a constant description in detail of the movements that you are running.

• Finally, the contact between the dancers, who must be constant, if one of the two dancers were seeing, a communication between the artists during the piece in order to drive the second dancer.

A technique already used in many schools as learning method to simple movements that look like walking, is extended also to the dance that becomes a representative example of how a disability can be successfully passed. But we speak now of the inventors of this technique: the Indian company of dancers blind. They have brought on fantastic scenes this technique and still the reiterations in theatres around the world. Have a dance company with a real only difference: dancers, choreographers and artistic director (now Director) are blind.

Section developed in collaboration with: Barbara
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